Get a 4.3-inch GPS with lifetime maps and traffic for $89 shipped

Given that a single map update can easily cost you $60, this TomTom XL 340TM is too good to pass up. But when does the coupon code expire? I'm not sure.

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Rick Broida
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The TomTom XL 340TM includes lifetime traffic and map updates.
The TomTom XL 340TM includes lifetime traffic and map updates. TomTom

You know what's great? Portable GPS navigation systems. Best thing since sliced bread. You know what's not so great? Having to pay extra for map updates and real-time traffic data. Worst thing since moldy bread.

So this is particularly awesome: BuyDig has the TomTom XL 340TM 4.3-inch GPS for $89.25 shipped. (That's after applying coupon code SLICK25OFFTTTM on the lower left-hand side of the checkout screen.)

Update: Not only is this sold out, but the entire product page has been taken down! Well, all the more reason to get here earlier in the day, as I so often advise.

What does the "TM" stand for? As you've probably guessed by now, Traffic and Maps. You get free map updates (which TomTom issues four times per year) and traffic data for as long as you own the GPS.

I own the non-TM version of this GPS (dangit), and it's been great. My favorite features include Active Lane Guidance, the folding windshield mount, and the support for a variety of cool voices (everyone from Darth Vader to Homer Simpson).

The only thing that's unclear is whether the "optional RDS-TMC traffic receiver" (as described in BuyDig's product description) is actually included with this version or must be purchased separately. I can't imagine the latter would be true, not when the product touts lifetime traffic, but the word "optional" gives me pause. If you happen to own this model, let your fellow Cheapskaters know what's up.

Of course, I think for most people the lifetime map updates are the big selling point. And for $90 out the door, this is just about the best deal I've seen on that front. I'm not sure how long the coupon code will work, so grab this while you can!

Bonus deal: Today's Giveaway of the Day deal is a nice little utility: Easeus Partition Manager 8.0.1 Professional. It's normally $20, but if you download and install it today, you get it free of charge, no strings attached.