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Get a $32 Mac app bundle for free

These three handy tools would normally cost you $32, but through Sunday, you can get them gratis.


You can't get something for nothing. There's no such thing as a free lunch. If you love something, set it free...

Oh, sorry, that last one doesn't really apply. And as it turns out, neither do the first two. Because today, you can get something for nothing -- and you'll save more than enough to buy yourself lunch. Dinner, even.

If you're a Mac user, head over to AppyFridays, where you'll find three Mac apps that have temporarily gone free. Their combined value when they're not free: about $32.

Here's a rundown of what won't cost you a penny this weekend:

Diagrammix: A five-star product according to CNET, Diagrammix gives you the tools to build simple, attractive diagrams. It's normally $19.99.

Marko: My research on this app has turned up zilch, but here's the description: "Preview Markdown documents and convert to HTML and PDF. Use Marko side-by-side with a text editor to preview your Markdown docs." Um, cool. That's probably why it's only $1.99 regularly: nice for Markdown users, not too helpful for anyone else.

Singlemizer: Nobody likes duplicate files. Singlemizer (normally $9.99) not only finds and eliminates duplicates, but also analyzes file contents to improve the results and minimize false positives. MacUpdate users rated it four stars out of five.

Nice little collection of freebies, wouldn't you say? You can get them via the Mac App Store from now through Sunday. No strings attached!