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Get a 2GB SD card free (after rebate)

Need extra storage for your digital camera? eCost is practically giving away 2GB Secure Digital cards. Pay $19 now, save $19 later.


Hey, congrats on the new digital camera you snagged cheap on Black Friday (or Cyber Monday, or Fairly Ordinary Saturday). Now you just need a high-capacity memory card to store all your snapshots. How does a free one sound? Well, okay, the A-Data 2GB Secure Digital card will cost you $19 up front, but you'll get it back in 6-8 weeks. Yep, it's one of those free-after-rebate deals. Of course, even if you're one of those lazy types who never remembers to submit the forms until the day after the cutoff, $19 is still a pretty good deal for a 2GB card. But if you want the rebate, order before tomorrow: Nov. 27 is the last day to qualify.