Get a 26-inch LCD HDTV/monitor for $199.99

Sellout alert! I don't know how long this unparalleled deal will last, but I do know it's the lowest price I've ever seen on a 26-inch, 720p flat-panel TV.

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Rick Broida
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Mag's 26-inch LCD HDTV can double as a PC monitor, albeit a fairly low-res one.

Update: I'm afraid this is sold out already, as I predicted. Sorry if you missed it!

Update #2: And now it's back in stock. Moral of the story: If something sells out, check again in an hour, a couple hours, or even the next day. You never know when the vendor will replenish its stock.

It's not even Black Friday yet, and already I'm seeing one of the best deals of 2009. CompUSA has a Mag 26-inch LCD HDTV for $199.99 shipped.

To put that in perspective, the last time I saw anything close was back in July: a 25-inch monitor (not TV) for $199.99 plus shipping.

The Mag Innovision UF261 sports a 26-inch screen, an ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner, 720p output (or 1,366 x 768 if you're thinking in computer terms), and all the inputs you're likely to need: HDMI, component, composite, and VGA.

To my surprise, this is a new unit, not a refurb, and it's backed by a full one-year warranty. (Curiously, however, coverage is provided by Columbus Capital Corp., not Mag proper. Not sure if that's important, just FYI.)

I think the UF261 would make a great TV for a den or bedroom, and it would pair nicely with a game console.

You could also use it as a mammoth PC monitor, but the limited resolution might limit your enjoyment. (In comparison, a typical 22-inch monitor runs at 1,680 x 1,050.) Also, I haven't found any reviews of this model, save for the handful on CompUSA's site (they're mostly positive).

Still, as I said, this is perhaps the best HDTV/monitor deal I've seen this year, and consequently I'll be shocked if it doesn't sell out by the end of the day. Act fast if you want in.