Get a 22-inch LED monitor for $119.99

Actually, it's an LCD monitor, but with an LED backlight that's brighter, greener, and longer-lasting than a typical backlight.

The LED-backlit AOC e2243Fw has a snazzy, futuristic design you don't normally see at this price point.

As we head down the holiday home-stretch, the deals are still coming fast and furious.

Today, for example, TigerDirect has the AOC e2243Fw 22-inch LED monitor for $119.99. Shipping adds another nine bucks or so, but that's still a killer price.

Unlike traditional LCD monitors, the AOC relies on LED technology for backlighting. That translates to a brighter display, lower power consumption, and, in theory, a much longer lifespan. (A typical LCD backlight can give out after 2-3 years, at least in my experience.)

The e2243Fw offers full 1920 x 1080 resolution (in other words, 1080p), a 16:9 aspect ratio, and a pair of inputs: DVI and VGA. Because it lacks both speakers and HDMI, it's not suitable for pairing with a game console or Blu-ray player. This one's strictly for PC duty.

But it should do a mighty nice job. CNET's recent 3.5-star review of the AOC e2243Fw praised its "unique aesthetic, very good entertainment performance, and appealing low price."

That price was $150 when the review was written just last month, so at $120, it's that much more appealing. Bottom line: if you're looking for a stylishly designed, high-resolution panel at a rock-bottom price, look no further.

Bonus deal: Steam is having a huge sale on games from now until Jan. 2, with the deals changing from day to day. One of the about-to-expire highlights: LEGO Batman (PC) for $4.99.