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Get a 16-inch USB-powered monitor for $69.99

From the Cheapskate: AOC's 1649FWU is a portable display that works in portrait or landscape orientation. Sweet! Plus two bonus deals!

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Use this monitor in portrait or landscape orientation.


Could you use a second monitor? Of course you could! There's no better way to boost your desktop productivity.

And wouldn't it be great if that monitor was compact, portable and USB-powered? Of course it would! That's why I'm excited about today's deal.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Woot has the refurbished AOC E1649FWU 16-inch LED monitor for $69.99, plus $5 for shipping.

The E1649FWU requires only a USB connection -- no VGA, no HDMI, and, perhaps best of all, no AC. That means it's not only portable, but also extremely versatile: You can use it with your laptop even if there's no power outlet available.

I've long been a fan of the second monitor, one of the all-time great computing conveniences. Web browser here, word processor there. E-mail client here, spreadsheet there. You get the idea.

What's especially awesome about this one is that it supports both portrait and landscape orientation. The ingenious built-in kickstand props it up either way, and a built-in pivot sensor automatically switches the view! I like to put it alongside my laptop for viewing documents and Web pages in portrait view, the way nature intended.

Downsides? I suspect some users will balk at the monitor's 1,366x768 resolution, especially if your primary screen runs higher. Also, in my experience, not all laptops produce sufficient power from a single USB port, meaning you might need to draft a second one. This was problematic on my Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook, which has only two of them -- on opposite sides of the machine. AOC's Y-style USB cable requires side-by-side ports.

That obstacle aside, this is a great second screen for laptop users and a steal at $70. There's just something incredibly liberating about a monitor that doesn't have to be plugged into a wall. CNET hasn't reviewed it, so check out PC Mag's coverage if you want more details.


Bonus deal: 3D printing is awesome, but typically expensive. Not today: Quickship Electronics (via Ebay) has the MakerBot Replicator Mini 3D printer for $299.99 shipped, a price that includes eight (!) rolls of filament. This model costs hundreds more elsewhere without the filament.

Just be sure to do your homework before buying as I've seen some user reviews indicating issues with the extruder. (I've also seen some indicating this is an amazing printer.) Thankfully, this is new, not refurbished, and it comes with a one-year warranty.

Bonus deal 2: I can't put my finger on why, but I love the idea of a light bulb that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. (Yeah, I'm weird.) Today only, and while supplies last, Meh has a two-pack of Awox Striimlight Bluetooth LED lightbulb speakers for $20 or $30 (depending on size), plus $5 for shipping. Price elsewhere for two: roughly double. Alas, you can't pair the pair and enjoy true stereo sound, but how about one for each nightstand lamp?