Get a $151 Mac app bundle for free

Even if you don't need every one of these 10 apps, you can't argue with the price. Number of strings attached: zero.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
The StackSocial Mac Freebie Bundle 2.0 lives up to its name with 10 free apps.
The StackSocial Mac Freebie Bundle 2.0 lives up to its name with 10 free apps. StackSocial

Good news, Mac users: Free stuff!

The StackSocial Mac Freebie Bundle 2.0 comes with 10 apps that have a combined value of $151. Total cost to you: $0.

The apps are all about design, photography, and productivity. They include the HTML editor and Web site builder WebDesign (which itself normally costs $49.95), button designer ButtonDesign, photo enhancer Shine, and conversion utility PDF Converter Master.

Because I'm not a Mac user, it's hard for me to say if there's anything truly exceptional in the mix. But I do know I like getting free stuff, especially when the only requirement is registering for an account with StackSocial. (If you're better acquainted with Mac apps, hit the comments and tell your fellow readers how you'd rate these.)

The bundle will be available for well over two weeks, so there's no huge rush. Just be sure to click the Sale Terms tab to see the various system requirements for each app. (Some will work with OS 10.4, others require 10.7, and so on.)

By the way, if you're looking for more Mac app goodness, StackSocial's Summer 2013 bundle is about 12 hours from expiring. For $49.99 you get Parallels Desktop 8 and nine other apps, here with a combined value approaching $500. Not too shabby!