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Get 4 HDMI cables for $8.19 shipped

Don't worry, they're not not made of yarn or fishing wire. These are the real deal, perfect for connecting your PS3, Blu-ray player, or whatever to your HDTV.

Get four HDMI cables for less than you'd pay for one in a big-box store.
Get four HDMI cables for less than you'd pay for one in a big-box store.

This is an update to one of my most popular posts.

As regular Cheapskate readers know, HDMI cables are insanely overpriced. Pity the uninformed consumer who walks into, say, Best Buy, and walks out $30, $40, or even $50 poorer. Happens all the time.

But it doesn't have to. Help me spread the word: has four 6-foot HDMI cables for $8.19 shipped, for a total of just $2.05 per cable.

Just in case you're new to all this, HDMI cables are used to ferry digital audio and video signals between your HDTV and gear like game consoles, Blu-ray players, and stereo receivers.

Are they all created equal? No, but there's ample scientific and anecdotal evidence that dirt-cheap generic cables perform just as well as their pricey big-name counterparts (cough *Monster* cough). Don't get suckered into buying the latter.

Indeed, I've used nothing but cheapies in my house, and they've always worked like a charm. Zero complaints.

These particular cables have gold-plated connectors and comply with the HDMI 1.3b standard. Even if you don't need four right now, who knows what your cable needs will be down the road? Never hurts to have a spare (or three).

Although only six buyers have reviewed this bundle, every one of them rated it five stars. This is without a doubt a can't-miss deal.

Bonus deal: Remember the $69.99 Roku HD box from a couple weeks ago? If you don't mind a refurb, has the even better Roku HD-XR for the same price. Today only, of course. The warranty is 90 days, but what is there to break on this thing?