Get $100 from Bing when you buy from Wirefly

In the market for a Motorola Droid? A Palm Pre Plus? How about a Dell Inspiron Mini Netbook? With this deal, you can get the device for free, or even make money!

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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Do you need a new phone? How about a 3G-powered Netbook? This might be the perfect time to buy. Wirefly.com has hooked up with Bing Cashback to offer a $100 rebate on all phones, Netbooks, and even aircards.

A few examples of how that would translate to real-world savings:

  • Make $50 from buying a Motorola Droid. Current and new Verizon customers can get this popular model for $49.99 with a two-year service plan. The $100 Bing bonus means you actually pocket 50 bucks on the deal.
  • Make $100 on an AT&T phone. Wirefly stocks a couple dozen AT&T-powered phones--including the BlackBerry Bold and Samsung Solstice--all of which are free. The Bing rebate would put $100 in your pocket.
  • Get a free Netbook. Wirefly sells the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 with an AT&T data plan, for $99.99. Once your Bing cash arrives, your total hardware expenditure comes out to zero.

Wirefly stocks a ton of other phones priced less than $100, including the HTC Hero, Palm Pre Plus, BlackBerry Storm, and so on. What's nice is that many of these deals are available for existing customers, not just new ones. So if you're willing to renew, say, your Verizon contract, you can get the Storm 9530 for $79.99--and still qualify for the $100 cashback.

To see all the options, head to Bing, sign into your account (or create one if you haven't already), search for Wirefly, then click the Wirefly.com listing that shows the Bing Cashback symbol.

Now just shop around and, when you're ready, make your purchase, keeping in mind that it will likely take about 60 days to get your rebate.

According to Wirefly, this deal could end as soon as Friday, though it may run until the end of the month. The Wirefly representative I spoke with didn't know for sure. Bottom line: If you want some of the best savings I've ever seen on a phone, Netbook, or aircard, act fast.