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Get 10 indie games for five bucks

No paying extra to unlock the really good games, just 10 solid titles for a mere 50 cents apiece. Plus a little charitable contribution for good measure.

10 great (or at least good) games, five measly bucks. Win-win!
10 great (or at least good) games, five measly bucks. Win-win! Bundle Stars

A lot of game bundles let you name your own price for a smattering of titles, but reserve the really good stuff for those who meet or beat the average price. And they hold a few bonus titles hostage for days or even weeks.

The Bundle Stars Superfly Indie bundle puts everything on the table: 10 games, five bucks, end of story. And some pretty good games they are, too.

I'm not going to list them all here (you can see screenshots and game details on the bundle page), but I will point out a few highlights. Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers is an air-combat sim (remember those?) released less than a year ago. It normally costs $29.99 and scored some pretty solid reviews around the Interwebs.

I also tried Kung Fu Strike, a Mortal Kombat-style fighting game that's just a blast. Nice graphics, easy to learn, and increasingly difficult -- but loads of fun for anyone who likes virtual beat-downs. It normally costs $9.99.

The Bundle Stars folks didn't do the math, but I did: The titles here would cost you nearly $150 if purchased separately. Even if you find only two or three games you like, you're still making out like a bandit.

Once you buy the bundle, you receive activation codes for use on Steam. (Fire up your client, then click Add Game in the bottom left corner.) These are available in your online Bundle Stars account and in the confirmation e-mail you'll receive.

Making this deal even sweeter, Bundle Stars donates a portion of the proceeds to SpecialEffect, a U.K. charity that uses video games and technology to enhance the lives of people with disabilities.