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GE's washer provides options

GE's SmartDispense Washer can handle just about any combination of clothing and stains, providing washing options that an old-fashioned washer just can't live up to.

Thursday Bram
Thursday Bram is a freelance journalist of over five years experience. She has worked in real estate and property management, learning the hard way the difference between the appliances that people like and the appliances that actually work in a home. Thursday currently lives in Maryland.
Thursday Bram

I grew up with a washer with exactly three different options when it came to running a load of clothes. Imagine my surprise at learning that the GE Profile SmartDispense Washer can treat more than 40 different combinations of fabrics and stains--not only is there a clear difference between the settings for washing a comforter and my nice shirts, but there is also a difference between washing something stained with oil and something stained with grass.

The SmartDispense Washer does more than offer options for washing different types of clothes--it's got room to do a full family's laundry in one go. At 4.2 cubic feet of capacity, I could get 17 pairs of jeans in at once. Admittedly, I can't think of situation in which I could need to wash 17 pairs of jeans at once, but I can think of plenty of times that being able to wash the entire family's dirty laundry in one go would have saved both time and water. GE's washers are efficient, by the way--even running full loads, they can save more than 5,800 gallons of water in a year.

The SmartSense Washer retails at $1,299. GE offers both it and its matching dryer--the GE Profile Frontload Dryer--in champagne, pure white, and vermillion red.

The SmartDispense Washer GE