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Gentlemen, start your toasters

New Siemens long-slot toaster from Porsche Design looks cool while it turns up the heat on your whole wheat.

The modern toaster looks futuristic and has the technological features to match. Porsche Design

Here's a toaster that could pass as a conversation piece at your next poker game: this long-slot toaster from Siemens was designed by Porsche Design, a shootoff company of the automotive industry leader that specializes in consumer and home products with a focus on cutting-edge design. Sure, it'll toast your bread, but it'll also look really good doing it.

The toaster has an LCD display that shows how brown your bread has gotten, and you can choose from 11 cooking levels. The toaster even has a memory function, which will remember the setting you used the last time you turned it on. The slot can fit two slices at once, provided they're less than 25 centimeters long (or a dinner roll, if you use the roll attachment), and according to the Web site, it "features an integrated cover which protects the heating element from breadcrumbs and dust." It's also made of brushed aluminum and looks futuristic enough to match your future Porsche. Hey, if you can't have the car, at least you can have the toaster, right?