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Gear4 BluPhones: Music without the wires

Want to listen to your music on the go but hate wires? Then check out the Gear4 Bluphones that let you listen to your favourite tunes without any annoying cables

Wires are the bane of music-lovers' lives. If you're not spending hours untangling your headphones, you're pulling them out of your mobile phone of MP3 player by mistake. Fortunately, something called A2DP -- aka stereo Bluetooth -- is putting a stop to this madness.

These Gear4 Bluphones, for example, feature A2DP technology that lets you hook them up to any stereo-Bluetooth-enabled device, such as the Nokia 6300, and listen to music in stereo without wires. If the device doesn't have A2DP support but does feature Bluetooth then it will still play the music, but in mono.

The Bluphones have built-in controls that let you play and pause music and go forward or back a track, and there's a built-in mic for hands-free. When you receive a call on your mobile phone the music cuts out and you can speak to the caller without needing to take the headphones off.

For a pair of Bluetooth headphones, they're surprisingly light and don't feel too uncomfortable to wear. We're not entirely sure about the flying-saucer design, but they're not so huge that it's embarrassing to wear them -- and you look a little less mental talking through them than you would with a standard hands-free headset.

You can pick up a pair of these for about £50, which Crave thinks is a little steep, but hopefully they'll come down in price soon. -AL