Gateway returns with exclusive Walmart lineup of laptops and tablets

Products range from mainstream laptops to two-in-ones.

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Gateway is back with an exclusive lineup at Walmart.

What's old is new again. In an era of remakes, reboots and the return of retro tech, PC brand Gateway is also making a comeback. The company said Wednesday that it's returning with a new line of laptops and tablets exclusively at Walmart. 

The products range from mainstream laptops to two-in-ones to the Ultra Slim series. The laptops are powered by Intel processors and AMD Ryzen mobile processors with Radeon graphics. Additionally, Gateway tablets will be available in a variety of screen sizes and colors at

"The Gateway PC brand and its renowned cow-spotted boxes have been well-loved in the United States since 1985," Jade Zhou, head of global strategic alliances for Acer, which owns the Gateway brand, said in a statement. "We are pleased that customers in the United States and Puerto Rico will have the opportunity to enjoy the beloved Gateway brand again."

Gateway laptops include Microsoft Windows 10 Home for quick startup and task switching. The two Gateway Creators Series laptops feature displays that are Tuned by THX, enabling brighter contrast with more vibrant screen colors. The laptops also come with THX Spatial Audio, bringing 7.1 surround experience through the built-in speakers and 3.5mm headphones.

The new Gateway products are available now at, with more laptops slated to launch later this fall. 

Gateway ended direct PC sales in 2008 after closing stores and laying off employees earlier in the decade. Acer bought Gateway for $710 million in 2007.