Galanz microwave pops out with faceplates

The Galanz microwave features interchangeable faceplates. Three different colors are provided.

A microwave oven that suits your mood.

There are lots of choices to make in the kitchen. It seems every move affects another aspect. This is a good thing; elements of personal creativity can manifest themselves in various ways. As our appetites for change increase, we can discover new things not only about our food, but also ourselves. And our appliances.

This Galanz Microwave ($119.95) can change to suit the mood. Featuring a set of interchangeable faceplates, the countertop appliance can go from festive (Purple Punch) to fiery (Red) faster than it takes to pop a bag of popcorn. For those subdued meals, the microwave comes with a third faceplate (Silver) good for everyday use.

Redecorating the kitchen can sometimes be a Herculean effort. Not so with an appliance that takes its design cue from a cellphone or video game console. The otherwise ordinary microwave checks in at 700 watts with a 0.7 cubic foot capacity, yet with a simple snap it can alter the mood of the whole room.

Thinking of repainting the kitchen? Don't -- just switch out the faceplate instead. It might not make the same impact as a full kitchen remodel, but the smell of popcorn popping is much better than the smell of paint.