Gadgets you can afford to lose on holiday

Summertime is here again and Crave wants to make sure you've got all the gadgets you need, so check out our summer stories this week

Andrew Lim
2 min read

It's the summer at last, so Crave is dedicating a whole fortnight to the best season of the year, and we're starting in the bargain basement with gadgets you can afford to lose on holiday.

Ever lost a suitcase, left your phone on a bus or had your backpack nicked by some scruffy pickpocket on the back streets of a bustling Mediterranean city? If you have, you'll know how painful it is to lose all your favourite gadgets, particularly if you've just forked out hundreds of pounds on them.

The answer to all your woes this summer is to invest in kit that's so cheap you won't be bothered about losing it. That's right -- we've put together a list of devices that won't cost you an arm and a leg and won't cause you too much bother when you capsize your pedalo.

First up, it's the Motorola Motofone F3 (pictured), which costs a mere £30 and features an electrophoretic display that's easy to see in bright sunlight. This cheap and cheerful phone won't win any awards for features, but it makes calls, receives text messages and has a great battery life, which for most holidaymakers is enough.

If you value your 80GB video iPod too highly to take it on your lads' trip to Ibiza, then check out the Creative Zen Stone (pictured). The Stone only costs £25 and will fit around 240 songs. This tiny MP3 player has great sound quality and will slip into your shorts pocket with ease.

Of course, no holiday would be complete without a camera, but if you're too scared to take your expensive dSLR, then why not have a look at the Vivitar V3188 (pictured)? This 3.1-megapixel snapper features a colour screen, an SD card slot that will support up to 1GB and it only costs £31. We can't guarantee spectacular snaps, but unlike a disposable you'll be able to post them on Facebook.

So there you go, three gadgets that collectively make up £86 worth of kit. It isn't chump change, but it's not going to hurt as much as losing £400 worth of gear. So if you're planning a mad stag trip or you're prone to losing stuff abroad, then get yourself these three devices and save a world of pain. -Andrew Lim