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Fund this: Boost Band the first mobile charger you can wear

The Kickstarter project straps 1,500 milliamperes' worth of power to your wrist. There's just one catch.

Wrist not included. Boost Band

Mobile chargers come in all shapes and sizes, most of them inconvenient. Either it's some kind of external power brick you have to carry along or an extended case that adds bulk to your phone. Too bad you can't just wear an extra battery.

That's the idea behind Boost Band, a mobile charger that straps to your wrist. This Kickstarter project is hoping to raise $30,000 within the next 39 days.

At first glance, the Boost Band might be mistaken for a fitness band or smartwatch, except that it has inline bulges on both the top and bottom. Those sections house the batteries, which combine to provide 1,500mAh of mobile juice for your phone or other small gadget.

The band sports a standard USB port for connecting just about any charging cable and a microUSB port for recharging the band itself. Alas, that means you'll need to bring along at least one cable. It's too bad the designers couldn't figure out a way to integrate a Micro-USB or Lightning connector.

Indeed, I can't escape the mental image of your smartwatch on one wrist and the Boost Band on the other, a charging cable shackling the two together like you're some mad scientist -- or geeky criminal.

Fortunately, if you can eke out some extra wrist space, there's already at least one wearable microUSB sync/charge cable, and at least one Lightning bracelet as well.

The Boost Band will be available in a variety of colors, and early backers can get one in black or turquoise for $20, shipping included. (I spoke with one of the developers, who told me the product is expected to sell for $19.99 once it goes into full production.) Those first units are due to ship in August, with retail availability slated for September.

I think that's a very reasonable price for a mobile charger, especially one that can easily go where you go. Your thoughts?