Fujitsu comes to market with a pair of ultrabooks

Fujitsu joins the cavalcade of ultrabook announcements.

Fujitsu's new 14-inch U772

We seem to be approaching critical mass for new ultrabooks this week. Acer, Lenovo, and Sony all announced new thin laptops yesterday. Now Fujitsu enters the fray with the LifeBook U772 and the LifeBook UH572.

The U772 is the star of Fujitsu's lineup. Starting at $1,149, the U772 has a 14-inch, 1,280x768-pixel screen with edge-to-edge glass, and comes with Intel's new third-generation Core i5 or Core i7 chip, depending on the configuration. For its measurements, Fujitsu says the U772 is .69 inch thick, weighs 3.15 pounds, and offers seven hours of battery life.

The highlight feature of the U772 is its hard-drive/solid-state caching drive storage combination, which facilitates fast boot times and quick access to your most commonly used files.

The more affordable, 13.3-inch LifeBook UH572. Fujitsu

For the LifeBook UH572, Fujitsu serves up more modest specs appropriate to a $999 starting price. CPU options are limited to Core i5 chips only, the system is a bit thicker at .71 inch, and a bit heaver than the U772 at 3.5 pounds. You only get six hours of battery life in the UH572, according to Fujitsu, as well as a smaller 13.3-inch display.

Fujitsu is targeting both consumers and professionals with its new laptops, offering security and IT management features like fingerprint log-in and Intel's vPro tech for business users on the U772, and identity protection on the corporate UH572.

Alongside these systems, Fujitsu has also introduced a corporate desktop replacement LifeBookNH532 laptop, as well as an assortment of Esprimo enterprise desktops. All are available immediately, either from specialty online and brick-and-mortar retailers ("everyone but Best Buy," said a Fujitsu product manager), or directly from Fujistu via its Web site.