Fujifilm FinePix S2800HD is world's smallest 18x zoom camera

Fujifilm reckons the FinePix S2800HD is the smallest 18x zoom camera on the planet, and with some rather svelte dimensions it might just be right

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway

Good things come in two things. First, they come in threes: the S2800HD is the third camera Fujifilm has announced in the last few days, following the FinePix Z800EXR and the F300EXR. Secondly, they come in small packages: Fujifilm reckon this is the smallest 18x zoom camera on the planet.

Measuring 110 by 73 by 81mm and weighing 341g, this is indeed one diminutive snapper. Nevertheless it packs a punch thanks to a Fujinon 28-504mm 18x optical zoom lens, which should make taking incriminating snaps of the neighbour's dog fouling your flowerbed an absolute (if rather niffy) breeze.

Video capability is also up to snuff -- the S2800HD is capable of capturing footage in glorious 720p. There's a mini HDMI port on the camera, so you can hook it up to an HD-enabled telly to quickly view your snaps and videos.

A new feature is the ability to give your photos a star rating straight from the camera's menu system. That should make tagging shots you particularly like nice and easy, and of course you can search your photos by rating, so only your favourites show.

With a 14-megapixel CCD sensor, the S2800HD is looking pretty tidy. No word on pricing yet, but expect our review towards the end of August.