Fujifilm FinePix Real3D: 3D camera, f'real

Fujifilm has debuted the first product to use its Real3D technology. We've come over all giddy about it, but it ain't cheap

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Richard Trenholm

Fujifilm has previewed its first camera to use the twin-lens Real3D system. The Fujifilm FinePix Real3D will hit shelves later this year, with a price that apparently reflects the extra lens.

At Photokina late last year, Fujifilm blew our minds when it unveiled the Real3D system. Now fans of all things triple-dimensional can get their hands on a camera rocking the technology.

Cravers are full of contradictions: we think 3D television is a load of nonsense, but we drool over 3D cameras like drooling's going out of fashion.

You won't need daft glasses to view the results: the pictures can be viewed on a 3D picture frame or in special prints.

The Real3D drops in Japan any day, and arrives here and in the US in September. Time magazine is reporting a hefty $600 (£370) price tag in the States, so Grud knows how much it'll be over here. And that's before you've bought the special frame and paid for each print. And yet we still want one.