Fujifilm FinePix F300EXR induces sensor-y overload

The 12-megapixel Fujifilm FinePix F300EXR sports a 15x optical zoom, 720p video capture and a veritable smorgasbord of extra features

Luke Westaway Senior editor
Luke Westaway is a senior editor at CNET and writer/ presenter of Adventures in Tech, a thrilling gadget show produced in our London office. Luke's focus is on keeping you in the loop with a mix of video, features, expert opinion and analysis.
Luke Westaway

Why settle for rubbish old zoom when you could have superzoom?! The world's most excitingly named tech category welcomes a new addition -- the Fujifilm F300EXR, which follows in the superfootsteps of Fuji's previous F-series snappers.

The F300EXR rocks a 15x optical zoom, and -- as its name suggests -- packs the EXR sensor that has been shoved in so many cameras that it's completely exhausted our pun reserves. The EXR sensor is noteworthy for its ability to make a judgement call on the kind of scene settings it reckons would befit a particular situation.

For instance, if it detects a low-light situation (wink wink nudge nudge) it'll ramp up the sensitivity to compensate, and will tinker with the autofocus, switching between phase detection AF in well-lit, high-contrast scenes, or contrast AF in lower light.

The F300EXR is packed with other bits and pieces for us to get all wobbly over. How does 720p video capture float your boat? How about face detection, face recognition and a 76mm (3-inch) hi-res, high-contrast LED display on the back?

No news on pricing as of yet, but expect our in-depth review to be going up in late August.