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Fujifilm, Michael Kors fashion a camera for the selfie-centered

The fashion house's latest collaboration puts a sheen on Fujifilm's Instax Mini 70 instant film camera.

Michael Kors brings his signature gold design to the Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 camera.

Celebrities were swathed in silver for this year's Met Gala celebrating "Fashion in the Age of Technology," but designer Michael Kors is sticking with gold.

Earlier this month the fashion house launched a line of luxury smartwatches with gold and stainless steel casings. Today it also announced a partnership with Fujifilm to bring Kors's signature design, in gold, to the Instax Mini 70 instant film camera.

Tthe camera even has Michael Kors' signature on the back, along with the brand logo stamped on the front.

Inspired by Kors' Scout handbag collection, the collaboration puts a sheen on Fuji's Mini 70 camera, introduced last year, that produces instant film in the ISO 800 wide picture format. The actual image size is 2.130 inches by 3.4 inches, with a space below the photo to write a caption.

The camera has built-in flash to calculate brightness and adjust shutter speeds, and it also features a "smart selfie mode" that automatically adjusts settings for self-portraits. There's a small mirror on the front so you can check yourself out before snapping the shot.

The Michael Kors Instax Mini 70 collaboration goes on sale October 20 and will retail for $149 (£115, AU$200) at Michael Kors Lifestyle Stores worldwide.