Fresh yogurt, automatically

Fresh yogurt is easy to make, especially when you have the Automatic Yogurt Maker sitting on your counter. It's just a matter of pouring ingredients and punching buttons.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram

The Automatic Yogurt Maker Williams-Sonoma

There's something about the taste of fresh yogurt that you just don't get in the cartons bought at the supermarket. It doesn't hurt that it's also good for you, in all its varieties. The Automatic Yogurt Maker simplifies making your own yogurt, whether you prefer traditional Greek styles or a sweeter treat with plenty of fruit. It's a matter of just pouring heated milk and yogurt starter into the seven jars that come with the yogurt maker, setting them inside, and pushing a button. The digital timer lets you choose how long to run the yogurt maker, allowing you to choose what type of yogurt you're making. The Automatic Yogurt Maker will beep when the cycle is done (6 to 10 hours for most recipes), letting you ignore it in the meanwhile. Depending on which type of yogurt you want to make, you can even set it up to run while you're asleep.

The Automatic Yogurt Maker's jars are glass, with plastic lids. They're reusable, and also have a dating system that allows you to note when you made your last batch of yogurt. The yogurt makes does not come with a yogurt starter, but it does include recipes for different types of yogurt. The yogurt maker makes the process very simple. The Automatic Yogurt Maker is available through Williams-Sonoma for $49.95.