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Fresh pressed paninis

You can take your sandwiches to the next level with the Breville Panini Duo Press.

The Breville Panini Duo Press Sur La Table

With winter setting in, my menus are mostly made up of soups and hot sandwiches. The Breville Panini Duo Press can make all those sandwiches I'm planning a little easier. It doesn't hurt that the panini maker can turn an everyday sandwich into something special. The panini press has nonstick grill plates with ridges in order to make perfect paninis. The top plate's height is adjustable and with the floating hinge, you can grill sandwiches of any thickness, even a double-decker. You can even grill sandwiches of different thicknesses at the same time, making sure that everyone can eat together, no matter if someone has piled extra ingredients on his sandwich.

The Breville Panini Duo Press can provide a healthier hot sandwich option than more traditional fare, like a grilled cheese sandwich. The nonstick plates allow you to grill sandwiches without oil, butter, or another grease. The nonstick finish is durable, so you can use metal utensils if necessary. However, the panini maker is hand wash only. Even if you don't think in terms of paninis when you're making sandwiches, the panini press can add to your hot sandwich options. The Breville Panini Duo Press is priced at $69.95.