Freebie Friday: A strategy game and a video converter

Money? You don't need no stinkin' money to get today's deals. And the game is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux!

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Rick Broida
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If you like your tower-defense games pretty and cross-platform, you've come to the right giveaway.
If you like your tower-defense games pretty and cross-platform, you've come to the right giveaway. 11 Bit Studios

Happy Friday! I'm ready for a weekend like you wouldn't believe. Pass the mojitos!

And is there any better way to start your weekend than with free stuff? I've got two pretty darn good giveaways, one for fun, the other for, um, "fun."

First up: Bundle Stars is giving away Anomaly: Warzone Earth (Win/Mac/Linux) on Steam when you visit their Facebook page and get to liking.

Yep, you need to be a Facebook user, though you can cancel out both the Coupons install request and the later request to share the deal on your wall; you'll still be able to get the redemption code you need to snag the full game on Steam. (You'll also need to be a Steam user, ahem.)

Anomaly: Warzone Earth is best described as a reverse tower-defense strategy game -- and a darn good one at that. (Check out GameSpot's 8.5 rating.) As it happens, it's currently on sale for $2.49, so if you don't want to get all chummy with Bundle Stars on Facebook, you're still getting a deal. It normally sells for $9.99.

One quick caveat: Bundle Stars has a limited number of freebie codes to give away. As of late Thursday, the offer is still live. I'm assuming it will be the same come Friday, but you never know. Apologies if there's an overnight depletion.

Next, it always amazes me that even in these days of bountiful on-demand and streaming video, I still have the occasional need to convert video files. And instead of relying on iffy freebie tools, I like to snag the high-grade commercial stuff when I can.

For the next six days or so, I can: Digiarty Software is once again giving away its WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe (Win). The program can convert just about any kind of video file to just about any other kind of video format. And it has presets for a few gazillion devices, pretty much everything that's capable of playing video.

To get it, click through to the giveaway page, then click Get License Code. You'll see a download link and a license code. Use the former to download and install the program, then use the latter to activate it (lest you be stuck with the trial version).

The utility normally costs $50. Even if you don't need it today, you never know what tomorrow might bring -- video conversion needs-wise.

Bonus deal: Like sci-fi? Then you'll love this: StoryBundle's Sci-Fi Bundle includes six books and a magazine for whatever price you want to pay, along with two bonus books if you pay at least $10. These are highly rated titles, all provided without DRM, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. It's a win-win-win for good causes, good writers, and your brain. Pay fair!

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