Free iPad with your iPhone on Orange, we compare iPad deals

Orange is offering a free new iPad, just one of the deals we've spotted in our comparison of the best new iPad deals.

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Fancy a free iPad with your iPhone? Orange is offering just such a deal, one of the many new iPad deals we've rounded up for your eyes to peruse in our comparison of the best new iPad deals and iPad 2 trade-in deals.

All you have to do to net yourself a free iPad is sign up for an iPhone contract and pay -- wait for it -- £66 per month every month for the next two years. Ouch. The question is, does that add up to a decent deal?

That's a total of £1,584 if you plump for the 16GB iPad, not including the cost of the iPhone which you have to buy separately. For your £66 each month you get 2GB of data to be shared by phone and tablet.

Check out our spreadsheet of deals to see how that competes with other tariffs, and see if it's the best deal for you.

Orange is keen to get involved with tablets. It's the first phone network to sell its own tablet, the Orange Tahiti. Like the iPad deal, buying the Tahiti involves paying out very little to actually get hold of the tablet before signing up to a long-term contract.

These kind of deals look attractive at first, because of the low initial outlay, but you usually end up paying far more in total than if you'd bit the bullet and shelled out the full amount up front. If saving up a few hundred quid is tricky, this helps spread the cost, but the main advantage of buying the tablet upfront is you're then free to choose the best tariff for the long term.

We've rounded up the available iPad deals so far in our comparison of the best new iPad deals and iPad 2 trade-in deals, and we'll continue to update it over the coming days and weeks.

Are you happy to combine your phone and tablet in one bill? And have you spotted a bargain of a deal? Is £66 too much to pay for a phone and data bill per month? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook page.