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Four doors are better than two

When we talk about four doors, we're usually discussing sedans. But LG has created the Fridge 4-Door, bringing the discussion to the kitchen.


French-door fridges have become increasingly popular lately. Many have freezer drawers. LG's new Fridge 4-Door has upped the stakes by adding a second freezer drawer. The second drawer keeps your freezer organized and uncluttered.

The LG Fridge 4-Door has all the bells and whistles that are practically requirements these days. It has an ice and water dispenser--the tallest water dispenser available, so you can actually fill a pitcher with filtered water rather than being limited to little cups. The exterior is an attractive stainless-steel finish, and the interior is designed with easy access in mind. Recessed LED lighting, low profile shelving, and a huge integrated crisper make storing your food especially easy. The low profile shelving is especially nice: I can't think of a single bottle I can't get into the Fridge 4-Door. Even wine bottles can fit upright with no worry.

You can get the Fridge 4-Door in two sizes:standard depth (34.25 inches deep) and cabinet depth (30.25 inches deep). Both models are 69.75 inches tall and 35.75 inches wide.