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Forgot your wallet and phone? Pay with a SmartCup

What's the next frontier of cardless transactions? Coffee cups, apparently.

Frank Green

You're at a cafe. You've just scoffed down bacon, eggs and a fine brew. It's time to pay. What are you going to do, pull out your card like some kind of chump?

No, says Australian carrier Optus. Pay with your coffee mug.

The company has teamed up with Frank Green, who makes chip-equipped SmartCups, to conveniently let you make payments under AU$100 ($75, ‎£60) with the wave of a cup. That is, if you want to carry a dedicated SmartCup around.

Frank Green's SmartCups start at AU$33 and £18 (no US price available, but conversions put it at around $20) and were launched last year, though this represents the first time its tech is being backed by a carrier.

Optus also announced a new PayTag for Australian customers that it says can be attached to "a range of popular fitness trackers and watches."