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Forget blades, the Skarp razor wants you to shave with lasers

The Skarp Laser Razor is supposed to use a laser to give a close shave with less irritation. And, since its blade lasts a long time, fewer razors would end up in landfills.

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Shaving can be the absolute worst, especially for people with sensitive skin. Razors can leave behind razor burn, ingrown hairs and cuts, and when you've worn down a razor so that it's no longer usable, it joins the others in landfills to the tune of 2 billion razors per year in the US (PDF).

The makers of a new product called the Skarp Laser Razor want to give you an incredibly close, irritation-free shave using lasers. The prototype is an aluminum razor-shaped gizmo that they say uses a laser to cut (not burn) the hair at skin level for a close shave, and works for all hair colors.

Because the laser is supposed to last about 50,000 hours and be usable without water, it would be good for the environment as well.

The team building "the future of shaving" is trying a Kickstarter campaign to help make their design a reality -- and it's already made more than four times its goal in pledges, with 20 days remaining.

Of course, building something that lasts a long time doesn't come cheap, and the Skarp Laser Razor will set you back more than a standard shaver. The lowest price available at press time is $159 (about £105, AU $255 -- Australian price includes an extra $20 for shipping), with a full retail price of $189 (about £125, AU $300).

Preorders can be made on the Skarp Laser Razor's Kickstarter page, and products are expected to ship to backers in March 2016, provided everything stays on schedule. Of course, with Kickstarter campaigns you can't count on anything, but the dream of a perfect shave is clearly calling.