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For SGI supercomputer, a record-setting day

With new rankings due soon, SGI, IBM and others jostle for bragging rights. gets word of the fastest result yet. Photos: SGI's Columbia supercomputer

With two weeks to go until new rankings come out, SGI, IBM and others are jostling for bragging rights. Also: A speedy Mac system gets speedier.

Two records in one day for SGI supercomputer

The public record has been eclipsed by a faster result yet to be announced, CNET has learned.
Photos: SGI's Columbia supercomputer
October 26, 2004

SGI claims lead in supercomputer race

Computer maker evolves from its "Jurassic" era with a Linux-based machine. NASA gives it a thumbs-up.
October 26, 2004

Virginia Tech beefs up Mac system

School is second organization to preannounce performance claims before November listing of world's fastest computers.
October 25, 2004

IBM supercomputing goes retro

Big Blue puts a new twist on an older technology. But will it steal thunder from the computing giant's other big machines?
October 25, 2004

previous coverage

NEC updates vector supercomputer

The SX-8 is the latest incarnation of a high-end but relatively rare computer breed.
October 21, 2004

Cray begins selling new mini-supercomputers

The XD1 uses Opteron processors and the Linux operating system--and sports a starting price tag of $50,000.
October 4, 2004