For better pancakes, a batter gun

The Batter Dispenser from Williams-Sonoma promises perfectly sized and shaped pancakes, without drips.

Batter Dispenser
Williams Sonoma

It's not actually a weapon, though it does have a trigger: This Batter Dispenser ($30) from Williams-Sonoma promises to neatly distribute perfect blobs of batter onto a hot griddle or waffle iron. You can choose among three different sizes of pancakes, and the catalog copy claims that even batters with small berries or chocolate chips will easily flow through the valve. Most importantly, the plastic device is dishwasher safe.

The Batter Dispenser was singled out for ridicule on the organization blog Unclutterer, the author of which suspects its primary role will be taking up valuable space in your kitchen. But a quick glance at the post's comments show that plenty of people are drawn to this gadget, not only for its promise of tidy pancake-making, but also for the opportunity to fill muffin cups and mini-loaf pans without all the drippy batter mess.

I'm not enough of a pancake- or waffle-eater to justify owning such a specialized device. But if I had kids, or loved muffins, or was tasked with baking cupcakes for a special event, it might be worth the price. What do you think: is this going on your kitchen wish list?