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Food for the future

L'Equip FilterPro Food Dehydrator offers an easy way to preserve fruits and vegetables.

Soylent Green not welcome here. Chefs

I always believed the future to be a wonderful place filled with lots of flying things and robots who enjoyed working for humanity. While much of that hasn't happened, at least our food hasn't turned into bland tasteless pellets that we consume once a day for all of our nutritional needs. That would be a very bleak future indeed. While we may not be flying around in jet packs just yet, we still have a rich and diverse food culture that seems to have no end. If there were a future in which we all had to eat somewhat unfamiliar forms of food, I would hope that we would be smart enough as a people to gravitate toward dehydrated food.

The L'Equip FilterPro Food Dehydrator may one day represent an appliance as common as microwaves are today. A simple-to-use home device, the dehydrator cleanly and easily transforms fresh fruits and vegetables into delicious preserved meals. The patent-pending air filtration system removes impurities from the air and then circulates the filtered air through all of the trays. As the food is drying, the temperature is continually monitored and adjusted, allowing for consistent drying with precise results. The digital time and temperature controls are easy to use, while a 24-hour timer works in conjunction with an auto shutoff feature.

Containing everything you need to get a head start on the future, including a recipe manual, the dehydrator offers a glimpse of one particularly delicious possible future. Food flavors are intensified during the drying process, and the resulting dried fruits and vegetables are delicious. The natural food preservation method is not only handy for saving food, but is also a great way to keep healthy snacks always on hand. As long as we keep on this track and stay away from the dreaded food-pellet future, I can wait on that jet pack and overly happy robot population.