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Flybook VM: Mile-high, club-class laptop

It's the curse of long-haul flights in economy: you're trying to commune with your laptop but the person in front of you leans back and their seat decapitates your screen. Flybook's VM laptop may be the answer

Picture the scene: you're bored out of your skull on a long-haul flight, you're desperate for entertainment, so you fire up your laptop when THUNK! -- the loser sat in front of you reclines his chair as though we he was on the beach in Rio de Ja-flippin'-neiro.

Historically there's been little you could do about this, other than curse your inability to afford a business-class seat or get into an argument with the aforementioned loser and risk being restrained by an Air Marshal and locked in the luggage hold.

Luckily Flybook, purveyor of many a stylish laptop, has just announced the VM, a laptop with an 'aeroplane-friendly' design. It looks like an ordinary laptop when closed, but the 12.1-inch screen is attached to an extendable column, which once raised allows it to be swivelled and repositioned.

This makes it ideal for economy-class travellers, or for those who like to work in cramped spaces on their daily commute. The laptop uses a 1.6GHz dual-core processor and up to 2GB of RAM, and has Bluetooth, an integrated Webcam and a fingerprint reader.

Flybook is keeping quiet about price and availability, but it's available in red, grey and black. We'll bring you more info as we get it. Unless we get rich, in which case it's first class all the way... -RR