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Flickfit scans your feet to sidestep new-shoe pain

"Cinderella" might have been a much shorter story if the prince had this tech around.

Many of you have been there: deliberating for long stretches of time over which shoes to buy. Eventually you settle on a pair that seems to fit -- only to find they rub your heels or mash your toes.

A device from Tokyo-based Flickfit seeks to do away with the pain and frustration that comes with finding the right shoes. Currently being tested in Japan, it uses scanners and pressure sensors to take readings of your feet. 3D technology produces a wire-frame image of your feet, syncing with either a tablet, smartphone or laptop. Using this template, the key areas of comfort are highlighted in a "heat map" and the dimensions of shoes with the most comfortable fit are noted.

The technology has its advantages beyond shopping malls, a plan for a Flickfit online store will allow you to order the exact-right shoes from home.

Flickfit's technology is currently available at only one location in Tokyo ahead of its official release. The company is working at bringing the tech to department stores across Japan.