Flashing lights, magnets and pillows at Computex

Netherlands-based Allocacoc brought an eye for design to the show floor.

Luke Lancaster/CNET

On the show floor of Computex 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan, I was distracted by flashing lights and magnets. I'm only human. The source of the luminous nerd catnip was the Allocacoc booth, a Netherlands-based design firm, showing off a wide range of... well, the best word for the varied products is a non-descript "stuff". They were showing off stuff, ranging from smart, modular power adaptors to wallets to pillows.

The common thread, co-founder Arthur Limpens tells me, is they want to be the new standard in design. Their name speaks to that (it's "Coca Cola" backwards). In addition to their own power-based offerings, including the modular Powercube and gesture-controlled lights, they've also launched Designnest, a crowd-funded initiative focused on manufacturing those products that tend to die slow deaths at the hands of reality on Kickstarter.

With an international roster of designers, a global footprint and an eye for design, Allocacoc might be where you find your next favourite toy. For me, it was a tie. First, there was between the Heng Balance Lamp, made by Li Zanwen:

Luke Lancaster/CNET

It uses a magnetic switch in the middle to turn on and off, and it amused me like a child first discovering peekaboo. It's the little things.

And then there's the LightCube. Because who doesn't want to Jedi mind trick their lights on and off? Like Allocacoc's modular Powercube, the LightCube has a bunch of options, covers and programmable functions.

Luke Lancaster/CNET

For more of what Allocacoc had on show, check out the gallery below.