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Five dirt-cheap tech gifts for the holidays

If you ask me, tech gifts make the best gifts. Here are five winners, each priced below $40.

A Bluetooth headset for just 10 bucks? Let's see your secret Santa beat that!
Office Depot

Two-week warning, folks. That's how long you've got left until the fat man sings. (Chanukah-celebrators have even less time.) If you're still shopping for stocking stuffers, secret-Santa gifts, fifth-night-of-Chanukah trinkets, or whatever, look no further: I've got five guaranteed-to-please gift ideas:

Of course, there's always the old-standby Starbucks gift card (which includes Internet access, and therefore qualifies as a tech gift, wink-wink). I sure do love those, yes I do. Say, have you thought about what to get your favorite blogger this year? (Shameful, Rick, just shameful...)