Five-deal Friday: $199 Xoom, $399 ultrabook, and more!

Also on tap: a dirt-cheap 32GB flash drive, a Wi-Fi range extender, and a cool wall-plug surge protector with USB ports.

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Rick Broida
This sleek Acer ultrabook can be yours for just $399.97 (plus shipping).
This sleek Acer ultrabook can be yours for just $399.97 (plus shipping). TigerDirect

For anyone who's actually trying to save money (what a concept, right?), today is going to be a tough one. I've got five -- count 'em, five -- deals, each one better than the last.

As always, these are available while supplies last -- and supplies don't always last long. They're in stock as of this morning, and the prices are accurate as of this morning. That is all.

1. Acer ultrabook
So I'm thinking about a new laptop. The one I'm using now is OK, but has a smaller screen (11.6 inches) than I'd like. What I'd really prefer is an ultrabook; I just don't want to pay $700-$800 for the privilege. I also don't want Windows 8.

TigerDirect has the refurbished Acer Aspire S3-951-6464 13.3-inch ultrabook for $399.97, plus a very reasonable $7.39 for shipping.

Update: No surprise at all: It's sold out.

On paper, the specs look ideal: 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, and a 20GB SSD (which, alas, isn't used to host the operating system; it's merely a "safe" storage container). Plus, weighs a mere 3 pounds, measures just 0.7 inch thick, and runs Windows 7 Home Premium. Might just have to jump on this one.

2. Wi-Fi range extender't="" take="" advantage="" a="" power="" line="" solution="" like="" the="" one="" i="" wrote="" about="" yesterday,="" or="" just="" need="" wi-fi="" blast="" in="" distant="" corners="" house,="" newegg="" has="" ="" href="http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833315112">Edimax EW-7438RPn Wi-Fi range extender for $24.99 shipped. That's after applying coupon code EMCXVVW43 at checkout.

Check the reviews, though. While some users reported great success, others saw little benefit. (Wi-Fi can be a tricky beast.)

Admit it: You totally want one of these.
Admit it: You totally want one of these. Monoprice

3. 32GB flash drive
Good gravy, storage has gotten cheap. While supplies last, Best Buy has the SanDisk Cruzer Switch 32GB flash drive for $14.99 shipped (plus sales tax). It's a USB 2.0 drive, alas, but with a price like that, it's hard to complain.

4. Motorola Xoom
Tablet Friday? Hey, why not. Today only, or until supplies run out, Woot has the refurbished Motorola Xoom 10.1 32GB tablet with case for $199.99, plus $5 for shipping.

The mega-popular Xoom runs Android 3.0 but can be upgraded to 4.0 (and possibly beyond). It has pretty much every feature there is, plus a portfolio-style case that can prop it up at convenient viewing angles.

5. Wall-tap surge protector

What have your wall outlets done for you lately? Monoprice has a 3-Outlet Power Surge Protector Wall Tap w/ 2 USB Ports and Phone Holder for $12.60, plus $6.95 for shipping (d'oh!).

Update: Apply coupon code INCENTIVE to get that price. Just tried it and it worked for me. Previously the discount appeared without a code, but that seems to have changed.

Update No. 2: A Monoprice rep stepped up with a working discount link.

This nifty item turns a two-plug AC outlet into a surge-protected three-plugger with two USB ports delivering a total capacity of 2.1 amps. (Translation: You can use one of them to charge a tablet.) Plus, it has a pair of plastic arms for holding your phone(s) while charging.

Is it weird that I find this kind of thing really cool?

There you go, deal fans -- five awesome bargains. You were warned.

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