Fit a whole lot more hot dogs on your grill

48-inch Freestanding Grill by KitchenAid can cook food for a large, hungry crowd.

Jennifer Lowell
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Jennifer Lowell

Patios USA

KitchenAid has given us another reason to celebrate the coming of summer (as if we needed another reason). With a massive cooking area of 48 inches, this Freestanding Grill has the potential to make your barbecues the talk of the town.

Its triple burner system provides higher heat to your burgers so they can have a nice char for maximum flavor. If the old-fashioned way of charring doesn't suit you, you can use the integrated infrared sear burner, which reaches superhigh temperatures quickly and lets you sear food much faster. The grill also touts something called Even-Heat, which provides for more even heating across the cooking area, so you won't have to make people choose between dogs that are either underdone or charred and peeling.

Another neat feature is the integrated warming drawer, which keeps foods that are already cooked warm. So, your guests can all eat at the same time, and no unlucky soul has to be the last in line for dinner.

You can pick one of these bad boys up at any appliance dealer that sells KitchenAid. And if you do, let me know when you're hosting a cookout.