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Fireplace doubles as pizza oven

The Huemfire Pallas Back holds on to heat and delivers all night long.

All-night delivery.

It doesn't get much more comfortable than sitting around a warm fire on a cool evening. However bad the elements are outside, the inside is heated with the warming glow emanating from the fireplace. Usually, the fireplace is in the living room, which makes sense; the living room is the central location of the house.

But there's another room that serves as a gathering spot, one that usually features a different type of heated comfort in the form of a stove. Make that stove a wood-burning stove and add a pizza oven in the mix, and suddenly the kitchen is the new living room.

While it's quite possible that pizza is the most comforting food on the planet, coupled with a wood burning stove the combination is pure comfort overload. The Huemfire Pallas Back achieves just that. In addition to the baking compartment, the top of the unit features three cooking plates, which could be used for other great comfort foods such as soup.

Combustion is controlled via an outside hookup, with air control being handled via a lever on the front. An optional built-in drawer on the bottom of the unit is designed for storing wood. The stove heats up to 1,625 square feet, and uses a patented heat retention system capable of storing heat for up to nine hours after the last fire has been lit. It doesn't get much more comfortable than that.