FingerFood Rings add elegance to any cocktail party

Mini plates adorn these finger rings designed for cocktail hour snacking. Simply place your hors d'oeuvres on the plate, drink, and mingle.

Pure elegance.
Fred & Friends

Ah, the beautiful people. Stylishly waving their finger food rings around whilst delicately balancing the perfect canapé. Champagne glasses reflect off of the crystal chandelier above, bathing the fancy party-goers in intricately refracted light. Yet amidst the swirl of delectable excitement, a small group huddle in a corner, obviously too uncouth to join in the festivities. It is not the garish party hats perched upon their heads that has banished them, nor is it their propensity to wear leisure suits to black-tie affairs. No, it is their greasy fingers and crumb-crusted attire that give them away as the boorish step-cousins that nobody remembers inviting.

Alas, if the host was just a bit more accommodating he could have instantly elevated the outcasts by simply introducing the clan to the finer things in life. The FingerFood Rings from houseware designers Fred & Friends would have instantly catapulted the plebs to a new station in life. Little party plates attached to rings allow for the utmost in elegant cocktail dining. Simply slip your finger through the ring, place your hors d'oeuvres on the attached plate, fill up that champagne flute, and enjoy the party. There is simply nothing more embarrassing than mingling with a greasy napkin in hand. Now, you can rescue that prosciutto-wrapped curry shrimp or asparagus salmon tart (with parmesan crust) from the recesses of your deeply-palmed, greasy napkin of shame. With finger outstretched, wear your cocktail-hour food proud!

The reusable rings come ten to a pack for easy pre-party planning. If you want to make sure that Uncle Jethro and his cohorts don't look so out of place next time, please be sure to pick up enough. If the oversight was intentional, well I can't say I blame you; some people are simply not refined enough for elegant dining.

via Serious Eats