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Fine grinding at the pizzeria

The Trudeau Chili Pepper Mill adds a twist to a classic pizza seasoning. Finally, the set can be complete.

There is always room on the pizza seasonings shelf for one more.
There is always room on the pizza seasonings shelf for one more.
Chef's Catalog

Everything goes on pizza. It's just one of those happy coincidences in life. While some people have never met a topping they don't like, others have shied away from some of the more nontraditional toppings. Luckily, pizzerias are happy to oblige, dedicating menu real estate to everything from artichoke hearts to zucchini. But no matter the combo desired, one mustn't forget the finishing touches.

Grated cheese, garlic powder, oregano, and red pepper flakes have long stood guard over pizzeria counters, silently waiting until they are called into service. However, the standard set of pizza personalizers has always been something of a conundrum. Each member, save for one, is available in another form: Parmesan cheese can be freshly grated, a diced garlic clove can be added to the pizza as a regular topping (highly recommended), and any combination of dried herbs can substitute for the eternally-half-full shaker of oregano that sits on the shelf. But what about red pepper flakes?

The Trudeau Chili Pepper Mill completes the pizza toppings and seasoning set of options. Texture of the topping, no longer confined to flake form, is free to be enjoyed as eaters see fit. A specially-designed, oversize ceramic grinding mechanism allows for fine grinding of the ubiquitous spice. Naturally, this newly discovered freedom of spice goes beyond the pizzeria with the gadget being well-suited for use in pickling applications or for flavoring anything that requires a little kick -- including, of course, other pizza toppings.