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Fidget in this chair to charge your gadgets

Put your restlessness to good use with an innovative chair that harnesses energy produced from your movements to power your gear.

The Moov chair collects kinetic energy to charge your devices.
Nathalie Teugels/Tumblr

If you're the type of person who simply can't sit still, this imaginative chair may be perfect for you.

The Moov chair, a prototype, converts your movements into electricity by way of 288 piezoelectric crystals located under the seat cushion. Piezoelectricity is an electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials, in this case crystals, in response to pressure.

The crystals produce a charge when compressed, which means the more you move around on the seat, the more energy you can produce.

There's a USB port built into the chair's armrest where you can plug in your gadget. The chair also has a battery pack to store the energy you create by moving around.

"The whole idea started from a very personal story, one about hyperactivity and ADHD," Moov chair designer Nathalie Teugels told Designboom. "'Sit still' was something that I heard a lot during my childhood. Because of this, I wanted to design something where my energy could get used in a positive way."

"I created a chair where I cannot sit still and where moving is a must," the Dutch designer continued. "This is a chair for people who have the habit of tapping their feet on the ground the whole time, or simply moving on the chair constantly."

In a video showing off the Moov chair, the user taps her foot and rocks in her seat while charging her phone.

Unfortunately, the Moov chair is just a prototype and not for sale. Fingers crossed that the chair will be on the market one day so we can all put our restless natures to good use.