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Fenda Wii Speaker AM2101C: 2.1 speakers look like a Wii

Feast your eyes on this Wii-alike speaker system to go with Nintendo's best-selling console

Here's a fun gimmick for anyone that managed to get hold of a Nintendo Wii this Christmas. It's a 2.1 speaker system designed to look as much like the Wii as possible.

The subwoofer looks like a big Wii, and has a stand for you to place your beloved console on. The speakers resemble the Nunchuck controller, with the system belting out a total of 25W.

Due later this year, the Fenda Wii Speaker will cost in the region of $50 (£25). It doesn't sound half bad for the price, although we're not entirely sure the Chinese manufacturer Fenda has secured all the necessary permissions to sell it. Patent lawyers, start your engines! -Jason Jenkins