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Fast food at home

Microwaving french fries usually results in soggy potatoes. But with the Microwave French Fry Maker, you can get crispy fries without dragging out the fryer.

The Microwave French Fry Maker Harriet Carter

I love french fries, but making them at home can be a fair chunk of work. Even if you get the precut frozen potatoes, you have to heat up the oven if you want crispy fries. You can use the microwave, but the results are usually fairly soggy. There is one way to get good french fries out of the microwave, though, and it's the Microwave French Fry Maker.

This microwave cooker holds fries upright and separate from one another, allowing moisture to run off. It doesn't need fat or oil to get crispy fries. The grid rack design takes advantage of the way microwaves operate to turn out tasty french fries. It's made from plastic, is dishwasher-safe, and can cut down on dirty dishes as well. The Microwave French Fry Maker doubles as a serving tray, and its divided middle section can hold a variety of condiments for dipping.

The Microwave French Fry Maker can even help you limit the number of french fries you're planning to eat. Since it's small, there's no temptation to cook up an entire bag of fries, the way there is with a big baking sheet. The cooker retails for $9.98.