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Fantastic Adobe video spotlights 25 years of Photoshop artistry

To celebrate Photoshop's 25th anniversary, Adobe releases a video featuring tons of creations by artists worldwide. The video, of course, was made entirely in Photoshop.

Anthony Domanico
CNET freelancer Anthony Domanico is passionate about all kinds of gadgets and apps. When not making words for the Internet, he can be found watching Star Wars or "Doctor Who" for like the zillionth time. His other car is a Tardis.
Anthony Domanico

Adobe's Photoshop graphics-editing software came out 25 years ago today, February 19, and as part of the company's ongoing celebration of the milestone, it's released an incredible short video featuring elaborate artwork created using the tool.

The video is set to Aerosmith's "Dream On," and it was created using submissions from artists all over the world who sent PSD files to Adobe for use in the video. Adobe then animated the artists' images layer by layer to create the film, which was made entirely in Photoshop. The result, which you can watch above, is seriously fantastic. It boasts beautiful artwork and shows off what artists can accomplish using Photoshop's animation and design tools.

Oh, and as a bonus, Bilbo Baggins makes an appearance, which instantly bumps up the short's geek cred.

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You might also want to check out some of the other things Adobe is doing to celebrate the software's 25th anniversary. The company has posted a timeline showing off some of the milestones in its 25-plus year journey from concept to product, and Thomas Knoll -- one of Photoshop's creators -- will do an AMA on Reddit at 2 p.m. PT today.

Bilbo Baggins, enhanced by Photoshop. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

(Via The Verge)