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Eye-tracking MSI laptop lets you play games almost hands-free

The MSI GT72 concept features eye-tracking software by Tobii EyeX, letting you interact with your laptop with your eye movements.

This isn't even the eye-tracking MSI GT72's final form. Aloysius Low/CNET

TAIPEI -- As gimmicky as having eye tracking on a gaming laptop sounds, the demo of the MSI GT72 concept I tried out here at Computex was actually quite compelling. All you need is a brief configuration to sync up your eye movements to the computer's Tobii EyeX tracking system and you're all set to game with your eyes.

The eye-tracking magic is done via three infrared sensors located just below the screen. In a demo featuring the action game Assassin's Creed, simply flicking your eyes spins the camera around -- that's usually handled by the mouse, so to move forward all you need to do is hit the keyboard. You still need to use the mouse to click on stuff though, and that's somewhat confusing.

To show off some really hands-free gaming, MSI demoed a game that required you to look at specific objects to score points. Unfortunately, it seemed like I didn't quite do the setup properly, which resulted in the tracking not being terribly accurate.

It's quite possible some existing games will be able to take advantage of this -- games such as Dota 2 or Starcraft 2 require constant map panning, and using your eyes to do this may be a much better solution than mousing to the edge of the screen. It'll let you concentrate on using your mouse and keyboard to control your units.

Beside games, MSI also demoed a pretty nifty Windows unlock -- just look at three different pictures in sequence and the login screen goes away.

MSI will officially launch the product after Computex, though it expects some design changes. MSI hasn't yet finalized what the laptop will look like. There's also no pricing, but it's not likely to be cheap.