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Extra countertops quick

You can add some counter space just by laying down the Instant Counter over your range or sink.

The Instant Counter Solutions

I'm always in need of just a few more feet of countertop. Whether I need to put down a cutting board or just have somewhere to put a mixing bowl, even another foot would make my life a bit easier. The Instant Counter provides a way to turn your stovetop or sink into a little more counter space. The tempered glass makes for an ideal cutting surface, which can eliminate the need to devote part of your counter to a cutting board. Its legs will hold it two inches over burners or a sink. If you choose to use it over your sink, cleaning up after cutting vegetables or other foods can be impressively easy.

The Instant Counter can also stand up to the heat of pans and dishes fresh out of the oven. The high-grade safety glass makes it a sturdy choice for getting a pot off the stove without having to find a potholder. The legs are heat-resistant silicone, so even if you set it on a hot stove, you'll be safe. The board is tested heat resistant up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. It measures 20.5 inches by 11.75 inches--enough space to make a big difference in a lot of small kitchens.