Exclusively for CNET Members: Grab the OT DJ Slims Bluetooth Headphones for under $50 with free shipping

Back by popular demand, grab today's unbeatable CNET Exclusive on awesome wireless headphones.

Liza Maloy Product Manager
2 min read

As some of you may recall, about two months back we partnered with our good friends at Outdoor Technology to bring the CNET audience an awesome deal on Bluetooth headphones. Not only did we sell out, but Outdoor technology was kind enough to give the CNET audience extra product so no one went home empty-handed. This week, Outdoor Technology is back with an even better deal on its top-selling DJ Slims wireless headphones! Grab a pair of the awesome DJ Slims for less than $45 with free shipping.

OT DJ Slims Amanda Blustein

It's time for all of you to jump on the Bluetooth bandwagon! I was hesitant at first too: wires aren't that annoying, I didn't want to set them up, and what about the change in sound quality? But forget all that. Wires are in fact that annoying! I don't know about the rest of you but I am in New York this week sweating though a terrible heat wave and not having a cord touching my neck is amazing. Not to mention, when I am at the beach I can keep my phone safely tucked in my bag while still enjoying music. The DJ Slims are very easy to set up -- just turn on your Bluetooth device, pair, and you are ready to start listening or calling your friends. And finally, thanks to my helpful colleague James, we were able to put the sound quality to the test! He was kind enough to run up and down the halls of the CNET office and can confirm that even at a distance from the music source, the DJ Slims work, and work well! A word of caution here -- I left my apartment wearing them and didn't realize I left my cell phone at home until the elevator doors closed and the music stopped.

James testing the OT DJ Slims Liza Maloy

Bottom line: the OT DJ Slims allow you to answer calls, change songs, pause, and adjust the volume without touching your iPod or phone. They are also very light and comfortable to wear. So what are you waiting for? Grab today's CNET Exclusive!