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Every Crafty Person You Know Should Have a Cricut

I find myself using my Cricut multiple times a week, and my more talented friends do so much more than I do.

This story is part of 84 Days of Holiday, a collection that helps you find the perfect gift for anyone.

It takes a special kind of person to go shopping for a shirt, sticker or pin, see that what you want isn't there, and decide to make something yourself. I didn't think I was one of those people until I used my first Cricut cutting machine. Cricut uses special software on your phone to allow you to quickly create designs you can turn into greeting cars, vinyl stickers or even iron-on or ink designs you can apply to clothing. 

And if you know a crafty person, they really need one of these to do cool things.

Why it's a great gift: The Cricut Explore 3 offers a ton of different ways you can create custom things for everyone around you, without being overly complicated or expensive. 

There's a massive library of ideas within the Cricut app for things to make, including step-by-step instructions to get you started. But you can also take a picture of something you see in the world and quickly turn it into a design for your needs. From quick stickers to custom T-shirts and decals for your car or water bottle, the limit is genuinely your imagination -- and how well you can use the Cricut app on your phone or tablet.

What you'll pay: This starter version of the Cricut line has a list price of $320, but you can find it on sale right now for $280. It currently only comes in the one color.

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