Espresso machine excels at time management

The 45 Second Bean To Cup Barista makes freshly brewed coffee or espresso starting with whole beans. The machine automatically grinds and tamps to deliver an exceptionally fast brew.

Coffee is the most important meal of the day.
Hammacher Schlemmer

More so than any other time of day, every action in the morning is associated with a certain amount of time spent doing said action. After the coffee-making and breakfast-eating have been checked off the list, then the rest of the day can proceed at its own pace with responsibilities being accomplished and reshuffled (or ignored) depending upon the degree of importance. Luckily, the simplified routine of morning gives us all the foundation that we need for the complex actions of the day, now in as few as 45 precious seconds.

If it takes longer than a minute to brew your cup of get-up-and-go then check out the 45 Second Bean To Cup Barista ($899.95). Also known as (or at least remarkably similar to) the recently introduced Jura Ena Micro 1 Automatic Coffee Center, the coffeemaker streamlines mornings by going from bean to brew in less time than it takes for the rooster to crow.

The espresso machine starts with whole bean coffee that is freshly ground by the integrated burr grinder. The device then tamps the grind and delivers an espresso or coffee brewed to the user's preference. Because the machine only grinds beans when needed, the coffee is made fresh and flavorful, supplying the necessary impetus that morning can so often require. But best of all is that 45-second brew time, meaning instead of counting seconds while rushing out the door, perhaps a few more sheep can be counted instead.